Beyond Sea Level Discover the 10 Lowest Places on Earth


Welcome to the 10 Lowest places on Earth. These areas, often below sea level, are fascinating for their unique environments and the ecosystems they support.

The lowest point on Earth's surface is the Dead Sea shoreline, at about -430.5 meters (-1,412 feet) below sea level.

Dead Sea


Lowest in Africa: Lake Assal, Djibouti. Saltiest lake globally: Don Juan Pond, Antarctica.

Lake Assal


The lowest point in China and a fertile oasis in the desert.

Turpan Pendi


The largest natural sinkhole in the world.

Qattara Depression


The lowest point in Kazakhstan and a former nuclear test site.

Vpadina Kaundy


The hottest and most inhospitable place on Earth.

Denakil Depression


The lowest point in the Western Hemisphere and a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Laguna del Carbon


The lowest point in North America and a land of extremes.

Death Valley


The largest lake in California and an environmental disaster.

Salton Sea


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The lowest point in Australia and a rare wetland in the dry outback.

Lake Eyre


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