10 Nineties Vacation Spots That Are Now Forgotten


The '90s saw a travel boom, but now, some once-popular spots are forgotten. Explore 10 overlooked or abandoned destinations from that golden era.

Acapulco was the place to be for sun, fun, and nightlife in the nineties. But crime, violence, and pollution have tarnished its reputation and scared away tourists. 

Acapulco, Mexico


In the '90s, Atlantic City thrived with casinos and entertainment. Economic challenges and disasters led to closures, but the boardwalk and beach endure.

Atlantic City, New Jersey


In the '90s, Branson was family-friendly with shows and theme parks. Evolving tastes and online options diminished its appeal, but culture and history endure.

Branson, Missouri


Once a spring break haven in the '90s, Cancun faced overdevelopment and safety issues. Despite challenges, it retains natural beauty and adventure for visitors.

Cancun, Mexico


'90s rising star, faced setbacks with the financial crisis, rights concerns, and environmental impact. Despite challenges, it thrives with innovation and diversity.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Once a dream in the '90s, Orlando with Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld faced challenges of cost and crowds. Despite, it remains a place of fun and magic.

Orlando, Florida


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Rio, vibrant in the '90s with landmarks and carnival, faced challenges of instability and crime. Despite setbacks, it preserves culture and spirit.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Once affordable, Sharm el-Sheikh thrived with coral reefs and nightlife. Terrorism and political turmoil hit, hurting tourism. Despite, it holds natural beauty and history.

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt


Venice, once romantic, faces threats from mass tourism, flooding, and pollution. Despite challenges, it retains charm and elegance, battling for heritage and sustainability.

Venice, Italy


Yellowstone was a majestic and awe-inspiring park in the nineties, with its geysers, wildlife, and scenery.  But overcrowding affecting its ecosystem. 

Yellowstone National Park, USA


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