10 Insider Tips for Your First Adventure in Canyonlands National Park


Canyonlands National Park is a vast wilderness area in Utah, USA. The park is divided into four districts: Island in the Sky, Needles, The Maze, and the rivers themselves.

Explore Canyonlands National Park's diverse districts along the Colorado and Green Rivers with these 10 insider tips for an unforgettable adventure.

Canyonlands has four districts, each with its own features and activities. Pick one that matches your goals and skills.

Choose your District Wisely

Tip 1

Canyonlands is popular and busy. Check the weather and availability before you go. Book your campsite, permit, and tour early. 

Plan Ahead and make Reservations

Tip 2

Water and food are scarce in Canyonlands. Carry and store enough for your trip. Use a stove or fire pan to cook. 

Bring enough Water and Food

Tip 3

Canyonlands has natural and cultural treasures. Follow Leave No Trace principles. Don’t touch or climb on rock art.

Respect the Park and its History

Tip 4

Canyonlands has amazing stars, thanks to its Dark Sky status. Watch from your camp or join a ranger program. Use red lights only.

Enjoy the Night Sky

Tip 5

Mesa Arch is a must-see in Canyonlands. Take a short hike to see the arch and the view. Go early or late to skip the crowds.

Hike to Mesa Arch

Tip 6

White Rim Road is a 4WD loop with amazing views. You need a permit, a spare tire, and two days. Check the road conditions. 

Drive the White Rim Road

Tip 7

The Needles is a hiker’s dream, with sandstone spires and canyons. Try the trails to Chesler Park, Druid Arch, and more. 

Explore the Needles

Tip 8

Horseshoe Canyon has ancient rock art along a 6.5-mile trail. See the Great Gallery of life-sized figures. Need a high-clearance car. 

Visit Horseshoe Canyon

Tip 9

Rivers are the heart of Canyonlands. Enjoy the calm or wild sections by raft, kayak, or canoe. Cataract Canyon is epic.

Raft the Rivers

Tip 10

You’ve learned 10 insider tips for Canyonlands National Park. Now it’s time to plan your trip and have an amazing adventure.

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