10 Hidden Wonders Waiting To Be Explored In Acadia


Discover 10 hidden gems within Acadia National Park, from secluded trails to serene viewpoints. Explore these lesser-known wonders for an unforgettable adventure.

Escape sunrise crowds for serene views of Frenchman Bay and the Porcupine Islands, serenaded by the gentle sounds of nature.

Tranquil Dorr Point


Accessible via a boat ride, marvel at granite ledges against the Atlantic, offering stunning sunrises and celestial displays.

Remote Deep Cove


A woodland sanctuary near Jordan Pond boasting peaceful forests and cascading streams, especially enchanting in autumn.

Jordan Stream Trail


Discover picturesque villages and cobblestone coves, ideal for tranquil picnics and wildlife spotting away from the crowds.

Secluded Schoodic Peninsula


Secluded cobblestone beach off the beaten path. Wooden steps lead to a serene oceanfront amid spruce trees.

Little Hunters BeachLittle Hunters Beach


Venture beyond the overlook for solitary cliffside vistas, perfect for ocean gazing and exploration amid rugged beauty.

Schooner Head Overlook


Embrace Rockefeller's legacy with 45 miles of serene pathways blending into Acadia's landscape, ideal for biking and skiing.

Carriage Roads


A rare sandy shoreline amid granite cliffs. Enjoy nearly 300 yards of pristine coastline and refreshing Atlantic waters.

Sandy Oasis at Sand Beach


Experience nature's thunderous roar as waves crash against the coast. Prepare for a wet encounter with this mesmerizing natural phenomenon.

Thunderous Marvel at Thunder Hole


Witness the famous glacial erratic atop South Bubble Mountain, an accessible marvel steeped in geological history.

Iconic Bubble Rock


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