10 Hidden Wonders of Guadalupe Mountains National Park


This web story explores 10 hidden wonders of Guadalupe Mountains National Park, a stunning geological wonder located in the northern Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas.

The Guadalupe Mountains National park is also notable for its geological features, including the Capitan Reef, which is one of the best-preserved ancient fossil reefs in the world.

Guadalupe Peak is the highest natural point in Texas, with an elevation of 8,751 feet above sea level.

Guadalupe Peak


El Capitan is one of the most recognizable features of Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

El Capitan


McKittrick Canyon is a hidden gem in the Guadalupe Mountains, where you can find a lush oasis of greenery and wildlife in contrast to the arid desert. 

McKittrick Canyon


The Grotto is a large cave in the Guadalupe Mountains that was used as a shelter and a ceremonial site by Native Americans for thousands of years.

The Grotto


Frijole Ranch is a historic site in the Guadalupe Mountains that tells the story of the people who lived and worked in the area.

Frijole Ranch


The Gypsum Sand Dunes are a unique and stunning feature of the Guadalupe Mountains, located on the west side of the park near Dell City. 

Gypsum Sand Dunes


Devil’s Hall is a natural rock hallway in the Guadalupe Mountains, formed by the erosion of a narrow canyon.

Devil’s Hall


The Guadalupe Mountains Wilderness is the largest wilderness area in Texas, covering more than 46,000 acres of the park.

Guadalupe Mountains Wilderness


The Butterfield Overland Mail Station is a historic site in the Guadalupe Mountains that commemorates the first transcontinental mail service in the United States.

Butterfield Overland Mail Station


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Pratt Cabin is a historic cabin in the Guadalupe Mountains that was built by Wallace Pratt, a petroleum geologist who donated the land for the park.

Pratt Cabin


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