10 Hidden Treasures of Theodore Roosevelt National Park


Welcome to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, an American national park of the badlands in western North Dakota comprising three geographically separated areas.

The Theodore Roosevelt National Park is renowned for its rugged beauty, characterized by colorful buttes, steep bluffs, and winding river valleys.

Visit the Maltese Cross Cabin, where Roosevelt lived and wrote about his experiences in the West.

Maltese Cross Cabin


See the Elkhorn Ranch, where Roosevelt sought solitude and healing after the death of his wife and mother.

Elkhorn Ranch


Enjoy the scenic views of the Little Missouri River, which flows through all three units of the park.

Little Missouri River


Hike or bike along the Maah Daah Hey Trail, which connects all three units of the park and offers diverse terrain and scenery.

Maah Daah Hey Trail


Marvel at the colorful layers of rock and soil in the Painted Canyon, one of the most photographed spots in the park.

Painted Canyon


Explore the Petrified Forest, where ancient trees have turned into stone over millions of years.

Petrified Forest


Watch the prairie dogs, one of the park’s most charismatic and social animals, as they scurry and chirp in their underground burrows.

Prairie Dog Towns


Encounter the bison, the largest and most iconic mammal in the park, as they roam the grasslands and hills.

Bison Herds


Spot some of the 186 species of birds that inhabit or migrate through the park, such as bald eagles, golden eagles, and wild turkeys.



Gaze at the stars and planets in the night sky, which is one of the darkest and most pristine in the country.

Night Sky


You have just learned about 12 hidden treasures of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. How many of them did you know before?

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