10 Hidden Gem Restaurants to Explore in London


In the culinary mecca of London, hidden gem restaurants offer unique and authentic experiences, away from the crowds, tucked in secret corners or underrated by many.

Gem Restaurant in the UK serves Turkish, Kurdish, and Greek dishes. Enjoy meze, kebabs, desserts made with fresh ingredients. The cozy restaurant features a fireplace and garden.

Gem Restaurant


La Bodega Negra, a hidden gem, lies behind a sex shop facade. Inside, discover a chic Mexican bar and restaurant, offering tequila, drinks, and dishes like tacos

La Bodega Negra Restaurant


Dating back to 1946, India Club in London, on the first floor of Hotel Strand Continental, offers a nostalgic atmosphere and traditional South Indian dishes, including dosas, curries.

India Club


A charming cafe in London's oldest garden center, Clifton Nurseries, serves breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea amid a backdrop of plants and flowers.

The Quince Tree at Clifton Nurseries


A unique restaurant in a restored train carriage, offers British-American barbecue dishes. Book a private cabin for up to 13 guests, relish a set menu of smoked meats, sides, and desserts. 



Viet Hoa Mess, tucked beneath Viet Hoa Cafe in Shoreditch, boasts a unique design blending Gothic, classic, and minimalist styles. Dine at tables with personal grill stations.

Viet Hoa Mess


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The White Onion is an elegant restaurant offering contemporary French cuisine with an international touch. Enjoy à la carte or tasting menus, with dishes like scallops.

The White Onion


Dans Le Noir? is a special restaurant providing a sensory adventure. Blind or partially sighted waiters lead you to dine in complete darkness. Enjoy a surprise menu.

Dans Le Noir?


Unique restaurant, serves exotic global cuisine. Try dishes like crocodile curry, kangaroo skewers and chocolate-covered scorpions in a lavish setting with golden Buddhas.



Bob Bob Ricard is a fancy restaurant offering Russian-inspired British cuisine in lavish booths. Each booth features a button for champagne orders anytime. 

Bob Bob Ricard


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