10 Georgia Charms for a Southerly Summer Delight


Discover the essence of Georgia charm with these 10 delightful Southern summer activities. From peach picking to historic tours, embrace the warmth of Georgia hospitality.

Immerse yourself in Tbilisi's rich history and delectable cuisine, nestled among picturesque mountains and architectural marvels.

Tbilisi: Crossroads of Culture


Discover the cultural heart of Georgia, with its rich history, charming streets, and nearby UNESCO-listed monasteries.

Kutaisi: Gateway to Georgian Heritage


Experience the renaissance of Georgia's Black Sea coast, with its blend of old-world charm, modern architecture, and Adjarian cuisine.

Batumi: Black Sea Gem


Step into history in Mtskheta, Georgia's ancient capital, where UNESCO sites and historic churches reveal the nation's Christian legacy.

Mtskheta: Cradle of Christianity


Uncover the hidden gems of Gori, from its medieval fortress to its serene parks, offering insights into Georgia's history beyond its association with Stalin.

Gori: Beyond Stalin


Delight in Telavi's medieval charm and wine heritage as you explore its cobbled streets and sample the finest wines amidst its scenic vineyards.

Telavi: Wine & History


Immerse in Megrelian culture and cuisine in Zugdidi, Georgia's western heartland. Historic palaces and culinary delights await.

Zugdidi: Megrelian Marvels


Embark on a journey to Akhaltsikhe's ancient fortress, a testament to Georgia's spirit amid stunning landscapes and multicultural history.

Akhaltsikhe: Castle on the Hill


Uncover Rustavi's Soviet heritage and industrial past, revealing architectural relics and historical insights in Georgia's lesser-known city.

Rustavi: Soviet Time Capsule


Experience Poti's blend of architectural beauty and coastal allure with historic lighthouses and picturesque Black Sea vistas.

Poti: Coastal Charisma


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