10 Georgia Beaches That Rival Florida's Coastline


Explore the top 12 Georgia beaches that rival Florida's coastline. Discover hidden gems and popular spots, ideal for your next seaside escape.

Shellman Bluff charms with its Southern hospitality and serene coastal vistas.

Shellman Bluff


Blackbeard Island's wildlife refuge offers a glimpse of Georgia's commitment to preserving natural habitats.

Blackbeard Island


St. Marys serves as a gateway to Cumberland Island and offers a quaint waterfront experience.

St. Marys


Sea Island combines luxury resorts with untouched natural beauty, perfect for a refined beach getaway.

Sea Island


Sapelo Island's unspoiled beaches and rich Gullah heritage provide a glimpse into Georgia's coastal diversity.

Sapelo Island


Little St. Simons Island offers exclusive seclusion and pristine landscapes for a tranquil retreat.

Little St. Simons Island


St. Simons Island boasts a laid-back atmosphere and picturesque marsh views.

St. Simons Island


Jekyll Island combines history with natural beauty, featuring driftwood beaches and historic sites.

Jekyll Island


Cumberland Island's untouched landscapes and wild horses create a unique coastal experience.

Cumberland Island


Tybee Island offers pristine sands and a relaxed vibe, making it a top spot for beach lovers.

Tybee Island


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