10 Fun Facts About the San Antonio Zoo


Explore the heart of Texas at San Antonio Zoo, featuring 3,500+ animals worldwide. From majestic lions to playful otters, it's a haven for all ages, offering an immersive wildlife experience. 

Discover 10 fascinating facts about San Antonio Zoo! From its rich history to unique animal residents, there's so much to learn and love.

The San Antonio Zoo has many habitats with different animals, from reptiles to birds. You can see kangaroos and hippos, eat at various places, watch a 4D movie, and interact with animals. 

Zoo Layout


The zoo started in the 1800s with caged animals. Colonel Brackenridge added more species. The zoo became cageless in 1929. It had many achievements, such as the first white rhino.

Zoo History


The zoo is among the US’s oldest, founded in 1864. It has adapted and thrived over time, facing new challenges and expectations while keeping its history.



The zoo has over 15,000 animals from 812 species, some endangered or extinct. It is a sanctuary for them, showing the diversity of life and conserving it.



The zoo protects rare and threatened species with partners. It reintroduces Texas Horned Lizards to the wild. It is passionate about saving biodiversity.



The zoo had the first white rhino born outside Africa in 1972. It works to save rhinos from extinction and poaching. Visitors can see them in the Savanna.

White Rhinos


Sam, a rhesus macaque, went to space in 1959 with NASA. He lived at the zoo after years of observation. He died in 1982, a space age hero.

Space Monkey


Thelma and Louise were a two-headed turtle at the zoo. They were famous and had a Facebook page. They swam and basked together. Each head was unique.

Thelma And Louise


The Kiddie Park is the oldest children’s amusement park in the US. It has vintage rides, safety, and magic. Families can buy tickets online and have fun.

The Kiddie Park


The zoo has fun events all year, like Monarch Fest, Zoo Boo, Zoo Lights, Cry Me a Cockroach, and Fiesta. They are for fun, conservation, and celebration.

Fun Events


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