10 Budget-Friendly Countries To Visit in 2023 


Do you love traveling but hate spending too much? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are 10 countries that you can visit in 2023 without breaking the bank. 

Vietnam is one of the most affordable and diverse countries in Southeast Asia. You can enjoy stunning landscapes, delicious cuisine, rich culture, and friendly people. 



Nepal is a paradise for adventure seekers and nature lovers. You can trek to the Himalayas, explore ancient temples, witness wildlife, and experience local hospitality. 



Sri Lanka is a tropical island with a lot to offer. You can relax on the beaches, surf the waves, visit tea plantations, discover historical sites, and taste spicy dishes. 

Sri Lanka 


Bolivia is a landlocked country with a unique charm. You can marvel at the salt flats, hike the Andes, explore the Amazon, learn about indigenous cultures, and try exotic foods. 



Morocco is a colorful and diverse country that blends African, Arab, and European influences. You can wander in the medinas, shop in the souks, ride camels in the desert 



Portugal is a small but beautiful country that offers a lot of value for money. You can visit charming cities, admire historic monuments, savor port wine, and soak up the sun. 



Turkey is a country that straddles Europe and Asia, offering a mix of cultures, cuisines, and landscapes.  



Romania is a country that combines medieval charm with modern flair. You can explore castles and fortresses, visit picturesque villages.



Thailand is one of the most popular and affordable destinations in Asia. You can experience bustling cities, serene temples, exotic islands .



Guatemala is a country that boasts a rich and diverse heritage. You can admire ancient pyramids, hike active volcanoes, cruise on lakes.



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