10 Breweries Where Each Sip Tells a Story in NC


Delve into the world of brewing, where each sip of beer unfolds a captivating narrative. Join us as we explore 10 breweries where history, innovation, and flavour converge in NC.

Perfect for families, Woodstock Express offers a gentle yet exciting ride through twists and turns, embodying the spirit of classic wooden coasters.

Highland Brewing Company


Crafting unforgettable brews since 2012, each sip is a story of Asheville's evolution, blending tradition with creativity in every glass.

Wicked Weed Brewing


Each sip takes you on a journey through Boone's untamed wilderness, drawing inspiration from the rugged beauty of the Appalachians.

Appalachian Mountain Brewery


Nestled in the heart of Blowing Rock, their artisanal brews, with every flavour-filled sip, reflect the charm of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Blowing Rock Brewing Company


Fullsteam Brewery's vibrant Durham flavours shine in every plow-to-pint creation, a testament to its unwavering commitment to the South.

Fullsteam Brewery


From farmhouse sours to Mexican-style lagers, Wooden Robot's diverse offerings tell the story of Charlotte's thriving craft beer culture.

Wooden Robot Brewery


Brewed with love and local ingredients, Free Range's creations embody the spirit of community in every innovative sip.

Free Range Brewing


Illuminating Boone's charm, Booneshine's brews capture the essence of High Country living with every refreshing taste.

Booneshine Brewing Co.


In Waynesville's scenic embrace, Boojum's brews reflect the beauty of the Great Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountains.

Boojum Brewing Company


Asheboro's first brewery weaves a tale of friendship and creativity, crafting unique brews that capture the spirit of North Carolina.

Four Saints Brewing Company


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