10 Breathtaking Sights in Channel Islands National Park You Can't Mi


Channel Islands National Park, a stunning coastal southern California destination, features five islands with diverse plant and animal life, scenic views, and rich history.

Channel Islands National Park in 1980, this park covers an area of approximately 249,561 acres, with more than half of that area made up of ocean.

Anacapa Island is the smallest and closest island to the mainland. It features dramatic cliffs, sea caves, and a historic lighthouse that was built in 1932. 

Anacapa Island Lighthouse


Inspiration Point is one of the most scenic spots on Anacapa Island. It offers a panoramic view of the other three islets that make up the island and the vast ocean. 

Inspiration Point


Arch Rock is a natural arch that forms the entrance to Anacapa Island’s east end. It is a popular landmark and a symbol of the park.

Arch Rock


Santa Cruz Island is the largest and most diverse island in the park. It has over 77 miles of coastline and 15,000 acres of land.

Santa Cruz Island Cavern Point


Painted Cave is one of the largest and deepest sea caves in the world. 

Painted Cave


Santa Rosa Island is the second largest island in the park and the most remote.

Santa Rosa Island Torrey Pines


Lobo Canyon is a scenic canyon that cuts through the south side of Santa Rosa Island.

Lobo Canyon


San Miguel Island is the westernmost and windiest island in the park. It has a rugged terrain and a cool climate.

San Miguel Island Point Bennett


Caliche Forest is a fossilized forest that dates back to the Pleistocene epoch, when San Miguel Island was covered by trees.

Caliche Forest


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Santa Barbara Island is the smallest and most isolated island in the park. It is a volcanic island that rises from the sea as a single mesa.

Santa Barbara Island Elephant Seal Cove


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