10 Best Weekend Trips from NYC for Couples and Families


Explore the best weekend escapes from NYC for couples and families, featuring charming towns, scenic landscapes, and fun-filled activities for all ages.

Stroll through historic sites and enjoy waterfront dining in the quaint city of Annapolis.

Annapolis, MD


Enjoy water sports, hiking, and historic hotels in the scenic Lake George area.

Lake George, NY


Relax in nature reserves, beaches, and cultural experiences on Shelter Island.

Shelter Island, NY


Tour historical landmarks, museums, and vibrant neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, PA


Discover maritime history and family-friendly attractions in charming Mystic.

Mystic, CT


Experience Victorian charm, beaches, and wineries in the seaside town of Cape May.

Cape May, NJ


Indulge in arts, music, and outdoor adventures in the picturesque Berkshires.

The Berkshires, MA


Visit historic sites and enjoy outdoor activities in New Paltz's beautiful landscapes.

New Paltz, NY


Explore art galleries, Victorian architecture, and scenic river views in Beacon.

Beacon, NY


Enjoy beach resorts, quaint villages, and upscale dining in The Hamptons.

The Hamptons, NY


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