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Coffee Shops in Phoenix

Coffee Lovers’ Paradise: The 12 Best Coffee Shops in Phoenix, AZ

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If you’re in Phoenix and want a great cup of coffee, no need to worry! There are many excellent coffee shops in Phoenix, AZ. Wear your comfy slippers, and let’s explore the Valley for coffee! These 12 local spots offer everything from classic brews to creative concoctions, each with its unique charm.

The Best 12 Coffee Shops in Phoenix, AZ You Can’t Miss

1. Lola Coffee

Lola Coffee - Best Coffee Places in Phoenix, AZ

Lola Coffee is an adorable little coffee shop in Phoenix, AZ, with a secret, hidden oasis of a back patio that makes a perfect escape from everyday life. Spending some hours here is merited, as the ambiance is relaxing and meshes urban life sounds and sights, which adds a total charm. 

They might not be baked in-house, but Matador coffee is highly recommended for those who take this wonderful world of brew seriously.

The friendly people at Lola Coffee are always on hand to help you customize your drink so it is just right. For all the people who come here, there is a lot of room to sit back and enjoy your cafĂ© con leche/con nata ity bitty sweetĆ°a. 

One of the more popular menu items is the Americano, while others choose to pair their beverage with a cheese Danish. With such a friendly vibe and good coffee, Lola Coffee is definitely one for the coffee hit list.

Address 1: 1001 N 3rd Ave #6, Phoenix, AZ 85003

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Address 2: 3950 E Indian School Rd #120, Phoenix, AZ 85018

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2. Fillmore Coffee Co.

Fillmore Coffee Co. - Best Coffee Places in Phoenix, AZ

If you are looking for a nice place to unwind with some coffee during the day, then Fillmore Coffee Co. If you detest squash, they have a scrambler for that; but if you love it, try the one with squash which has an amazing pairing of ingredients! 

They have a load of coffee options available, great for any coffee lover, but also apple juice that non-coffee drinkers can rave about. 

Fillmore Coffee Co. does those, too! For a sweet and balanced menu, the Acai Bowl is perfect alongside the satisfying savory option of The Chicken Panini. 

To the coffee nerd or those wanting somewhere to snack up with a loved one or friend, Fillmore Coffee Co. is surely to tickle your fancy.

Address: 600 N 4th St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

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3. Window Coffee Bar

Window Coffee Bar - Best Coffee Places in Phoenix, AZ

Window Coffee Bar gives off a light and airy feel—it’s the ideal place to relax in a cup. Friendly staff and quick service are what make people come back here. Springtime calls for the fruit-infused Raspberry Vanilla coffee, which is creamy and sweet in all the ways you hoped it would be. Burnt latte and pistachio latte are also good if you want something a little unique.

Window Coffee Bar is not just another coffee shop. It is intended as a place to relax and commune with friends or family. It is full of fun, and the music playing in the background is just right, with friendly service. 

The avocado toast is also excellent for your morning Infragistics crowd. In conclusion, if you are seeking a novel coffee journey, drop by Window Coffee Bar.

Address: 903 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013

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4. Copper Star Coffee

Copper Star Coffee - Best Coffee Places in Phoenix, AZ

Copper Star Coffee offers a one-of-a-kind cafĂ© experience in an amazing gas station retrofitted into a beautiful cafe. Mates is more than just a coffee shop; it is an omnipresent societal hub with extraordinary beverages and outstanding menu items. 

From a seasoned pastrami bagel to a classic cream cheese sandwich, their menu has something for everyone, including the fussiest eaters.

Copper Star Coffee carries a large selection of coffee flavors and types that will appeal to any coffee connoisseur. It is recommended that you try their iced cinnamon latte and matcha, which are some of the best you will find. 

Make sure to sip on your drink at their adorable outdoor space, which perfectly complements the calmer side of things here. 

Address: 4220 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013

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5. Tres Leches Café

Tres Leches Café - Best Coffee Places in Phoenix, AZ

For a truly unique coffee experience, make sure to add Tres Leches Café to your list. Whether you want standard coffee flavors or one of the original creations crafted by master baristas, the real star of the show is their sweet bread offerings—selections like Pan Dulce and Fruity Pebbles Doughnuts will have you craving something sugary in short order.

The vibe at Tres Leches CafĂ© is cozy and energizing, whether you are looking for a solo-in spot or hosting friends. With the newly extended seating area, there is now plenty of room to sit back and enjoy your treats. Colorful decorations throughout create a great setting for photos, too. 

Address 1: 1714 W Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ 85007

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Address 2: 5602 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85040

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6. Lux Central

Lux Central - Best Coffee Places in Phoenix, AZ

Lux Central’s laid-back style makes it a great place to chill well past midnight with your pals. Some baked goods include Russian tea cookies, and the menu features a variety of flavors of herbal teas in very fancy cups. There are also a bunch of options for vegetarians.

One of our favorite spots to get coffee is Lux Central, which is not so much a coffee shop as an entire culinary adventure with local rewards. They serve everything from delicious breakfast sandwiches and farmer’s market scrambles to chicken over risotto or a great pesto mac and cheese. Their friendly staff and fun vibes will have you keeping an eye open for the next time you head over there.

Address: 4402 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

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7. Songbird Coffee & Tea House

Songbird Coffee & Tea House - Best Coffee Places in Phoenix, AZ

Songbird Coffee & Tea House is a cute café with a good vibe for the morning eater craving coffee and light breakfast. The staff is friendly, and the patio seating area offers outdoor ambiance. Let your iced coffee become a customer favorite, with breakfast cookies on the side.

Coffee lovers sing the praises of Songbird’s delicious hot and cold lattes. The coffee’s flavor is spot on, and the natural syrups enhance rather than abuse your top-notch espresso. 

Songbird will entice you with their vanilla bean and lavender honey lattes, an experience you will soon pine for after just a single sip.

Address: 812 N 3rd St Ac, Phoenix, AZ 85004

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8. Jobot Coffee, Diner & Bar

Jobot Coffee, Diner & Bar - Best Coffee Places in Phoenix, AZ

Jobot Coffee, Diner & Bar is a concept that fully envelops the idea of having it all. From the Huevos Rancheros to the Avocado Toast, you are bound to find something that appeals to your taste buds. Be sure to grab a cold-pressed coffee; they know how to brew them!

Not just for the taste, Jobot Coffee, Diner & Bar is also a place to catch some vibes. Their groovy atmosphere and friendly staff give a funky and cool vibe. 

Try the tasty breakfast burrito, one of the locals’ favorites, or go with the Jomamma Breakfast Sandwich. This coffee shop is perfect for studying, meeting up with a friend, or grabbing a great lunch.

Address: 333 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

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9. Giant Coffee

Giant Coffee - Best Coffee Places in Phoenix, AZ

Giant Coffee is a beloved destination, and for good reason, it feels like home. Its seating is roomy and comfortable, tables are plentifully wired for power outlet access, and the aesthetics inside contribute to a lovely place to relax or work. 

Locals have nothing but good things to say about the espresso drinks, particularly during seasons like fall when they offer a seasonal rosemary latte. 

The food menu is mainly limited to muffins and $7 burritos, but patrons say the coffee is key. Whether you require a dose of caffeine to get you through the workday or prefer to appreciate it from behind its windows, Giant Coffee has your back. 

The delicious taste of the coffee combined with its charm is a memorable experience for anyone who ventures inside.

Address: 1437 N 1st St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

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10. Fair Trade Cafe

Fair Trade Cafe - Best Coffee Places in Phoenix, AZ

Fair Trade Cafe is an absolute gem not only for coffee lovers but also for food enthusiasts. But don’t worry—whether you’re in the mood for a new latte flavored with floral or just want a regular-ole croissant, they’ve got it all. 

This cafe invests in quality, and its fair-trade ingredients guarantee the very best to customers. One cannot fail to feel at home here when ordering a coffee, catching up with friends, or buckling down for work.

Fair Trade Cafe is also known for great weekend brunches. Its morning menu is to please all and can include anything from chorizo croissants to a selection of specialty coffees. The high ceilings and warm lighting inside, together with an intimate patio outside, make it a pleasant place to enjoy your meal. 

If you’re looking for a great place to start your day or take a break, Fair Trade Cafe is bound to please with its tasty menu, warm atmosphere and friendly service.

Address: 1020 N 1st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003

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11. Cartel Roasting Co.

 Cartel Roasting Co. - Best Coffee Places in Phoenix, AZ

The place is a haven for people who can not function without their daily dose of caffeine. If you do, then you need to taste the magic at Cartel Roasting Co. Their cortado (a favorite Spanish expresso drink) is legendary as well. It has a nice warm feeling, the perfect little place to stop in and grab something quickly, or lounge with a coffee.

The excellent coffee Cartel Roasting Co. provides, combined with very friendly and accommodating service, further enhances the experience. Catering to vegan and gluten-free bakery options makes it an absolute paradise for coffee and pastry enthusiasts.

Address 1: 1 N 1st St, Phoenix, AZ 85004
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Address 2: 2201 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006
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Address 3: 21001 N Tatum Blvd Suite 20, Phoenix, AZ 85050
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Address 4: 400 W Camelback Rd Bldg F, Phoenix, AZ 85013
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Address 5: 10625 N Tatum Blvd Suite 104, Phoenix, AZ 85028
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Phoenix will never let you down in terms of its subtle cafe vibes and great beverages. I hope this blog helps you find your perfect place. To avoid missing out, you should save and share this read. If you’re traveling in the Valley, I suggest checking out the Phoenix Travel Guide you can also check out Arizona Travel Guide.


Where can I find the best artisanal coffee in Phoenix?

Cartel Coffee Lab is renowned for its artisanal coffee, sourcing high-quality beans and offering expertly crafted espresso drinks.

Which coffee shop in Phoenix has the best ambiance for studying or working?

Songbird Coffee & Tea House, set in a charming historic house, provides a cozy and quiet environment perfect for studying or remote work.

What is the top spot for cold brew coffee in Phoenix?

Press Coffee Roasters is highly recommended for its smooth and flavorful cold brew, available at several locations throughout the city.

Where can I enjoy a great cup of coffee with local pastries in Phoenix?

Giant Coffee offers delicious, locally made pastries and expertly brewed coffee, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

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